inner journey

The current crisis is mainly a spiritual problem: there are no existing technologies that can stop the process we’re witnessing and contributing to. So, we have to start from within ourselves.

First of all, we need to understand, with deep inner honesty, if and how much these issues feel real, deserving of our attention and even if they are an emergency for us, or not.

Therefore, the first question is: what do I really think about the current situation of the planet? Are we facing a crisis? Do I realise we’re in the middle of a mass extinction? Do I feel the need to act?

If the answer is yes, keep on reading; if it’s no, it’s ok to stop here.

Second question: what relationship do I have with Earth, the living planet we live on? Am I its owner? Its slave? Do I have, in my daily consciousness, the awareness of my place in this global system? How? What emotions does this arise in me? Have I ever experienced total fusion with what surrounds me and keeps me alive? Am I stronger? Am I the saviour and protector of the environment? Or is it the environment that saves and protects me? (This is valid no matter what our religion is).

Third question: what paradigm do I live in: the dual one, of conflict, of me / us against…, of right and wrong, of winners and losers, of those who are the right people and those who are the wrong ones? Or the one of oneness, in which we are all part of the same vital force, so if a group wins to the detriment of others, there is no real victory? Am I ready to see in someone else’s children my own children, and treat them as such?

Fourth question: what do I think about my personal power? We cannot not change the world, any action we do effectively creates the reality we live in. If I keep working without really knowing why, if I keep buying bananas, clothes, technology, toys etc. without total awareness of the system that produces them, with its deep injustice and amazing creativity, I am objectively creating a reality in which slavery, including child slavery,  is acceptable and useful, in which I accept that huge amounts of human gifts are used to create a new mobile phone rather than to feed everyone (this is not meant to be against technology, it is a reflection of current priorities) and in which the resources available to us can be used and destroyed without consequences.

At the same time, if I reclaim my power, ideally working in harmony with others around me, I can radically and quickly change the whole socio-economic structure that humans have created (and that they can therefore modify as they like): do I feel the immensity of this power? The responsibility that follows? Does it scare me? Am I ready to welcome its potential? Do I have the courage to use it? At what cost to myself?

Fifth question: am I ready to accept that it could already be too late? What does this create in me? Apart from dying (that we all have to go through), what fears does it arise in me? Or maybe it galvanises me into action? Am I interested in creating possible centres for human survival in harmony with the planet and other human beings? Or…? At what cost to myself?

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