what we do

We offer workshops, lectures and personalised support to facilitate the creation of low impact lifestyles and of a new paradigm for human life in harmony with our planet.

All our work is inspired by core principles and the practices of The Work That Reconnects, that carry across all our offers; at the same time, these offers are tailored to suit the situation, the participants and the desired final outcome.

We always link local, personal and practical information with a planet wide outlook, which connects the smaller side to a systemic analysis to help participants to act and think both locally and globally.

Deep decision making on a personal level is also encouraged, with steps on how to make such decisions; all choices are respected, no matter what they are.

We work with schools of every grade, colleges, private companies, community groups, public authorities, festivals, big and small organisations, private requests.

NB: The topics listed below are samples of what can be done: please get in touch if you don’t see what you were thinking of. If we cannot deliver what you need, we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can.


Introduction to low impact lifestyles (for children and adults)

Household waste reduction: practical steps to start and implement changes

Recycling basics

Low and zero waste home production: basic sewing skills, basic cooking skills, basic fermentation, basic food preservation

Waste audits

Natural hygiene for babies and toddlers


These workshops deal with deeper level engagement with the crisis we’re facing in our time. They are based on different models, with the Work That Reconnects being a favourite framework.

Topics can include:

Embodied Deep Ecology

Systemic analysis of our current system and search for alternatives

Personal and group engagement for effective change

“What if…” scenarios: analysis, reactions, possible effective actions

Motivation and frustration

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