first steps

This project is the culmination of many years of interest, volunteering, activism in the fields of healing, education, sustainability, social issues and love for our planet and all the beings that live in it.

Below, you can find a list of possible actions, both inside and outside of our own bodies, that can help the transition happening as we write.

We must point out that there is no judgement, on our part, of the choices others have made and keep making: we ourselves are a product of our culture, so the journey is sometimes difficult for us as well, and we are often struggling to practice what we talk about.

It is however important to have an idea about what to do, so we are sharing some starting points.

These are basic reflections: it is not possible to exhaust a deep journey with a few sentences written here. For those that would like to go deeper, our mission is to facilitate groups, workshops and any other form of participation to share practical skills, ideas, experiences, solutions to solve this crisis.



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